No Frame

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Benjmain Walters is a British sculptor born in Cheshire.

He trained and began study at the London Road School of Art and Design.

With a keen interest in sculpture, ceramics and technical drawing he went on to further his education in the arts at the University of Sunderland's glass program.

Whilst on the program he concentrated heavily on traditional blown glass techniques and also solid formed sculpture.

Later graduating with a Masters in Glass from the university he was employed as a senior maker and designer for the National Glass Centre. There he was chosen and selected for international projects, prototyping for industry and producing large scale art works for public commissions for global clients

Whilst working professionally producing glass for the National Glass center, he aslo set up his own art consultancy developing large scale chandeliers, sculptures and visual installations in glass for private commission’s.

With a keen interest in design and engineering he then moved away from the North East to do a second Masters degree in Industrial Design and manufacturing at Manchester Metropolitan University. Here he also taught design as an academic staff member whilst studying at Manchester carrying on his passion for Art and design history.

Now equipped with skills in engineering, glass production and design, he has now moved his company into building and constructing specialist glass facilities in Asia aimed at producing very large scale architectural glass castings and art works for the interior design market.

Artist Statement:

" I love glass, for its beautiful transparency, flexibility and ability to move and be pushed into any desired form imaginable. For me this flexibility is the single reason for wanting to play, transform and physically push its boundary’s every day creatively. Its not just about the physical transparent qualities of the material, but how well that transparency translates and transports the ideas I have about the world around me."